Bush Furniture
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Furniture that embodies concepts, that brings the outside inside, that is unique, strong and useful.
Imagine a cupboard that is the Grand Final - with Collingwood and Essendon, a Rebel Cupboard for grog and guns, a wardrobe called "Stanley" and chairs that evoke places and moments in history.

John Perry, past Director of the Bathhouse Museum, Rotorua, New Zealand wrote that Gay's "sculptural furniture springs from a tradition of Australian bush carpentry which started as a practical method of coping with life in the bush.
She has expanded the limits of the craft and the choice of materials is an informative part of the creative process. Her furniture is used to embody concepts, often political or social statements, crossing the boundaries between functionalism and sculpture.
.......From timbers which are cast off from another life she fashions objects which cleverly identify Australia and Australians."

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